Memórias Folding Screen

Memórias Folding Screen

L60cm x H180cm x W5cm

Fruit of a partnership between Tarozzo and Atelier de Arte Têxtil, this design aims at the threshold of art & design. This piece is structured to look unstructured, made of massive Cumaru* wood and wrapped by textile oddments of mixed traditional techniques (crochet, tricot, nhanduti, macramé and broidery). Patchwork, wool, silks, strings, leather and strands derived from recycled works & textile antiques compose the wefts of Memorias. This piece celebrates wood & fabric workmanship, values handcraft and brings light to art. The goal is to bring furniture & consumer goods closer to home in a sentimental & nostalgic sense, to overcome the simple idea of functionality and bring an emotional & humane load to the piece, allowing a nomadic transition between the functional to the personal, from the rational to the creative.


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